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• 1 MONTH   ❌180€ ➡️160€✅
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• LIFETIME     1999€✅ 
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BNB "Network BEP2"

Send only BNB to this address: bnb1j7aupj2ttag0c0ejeat0fus6a3v3agv6c6yayz

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BTC "Network BTC"

Send only BTC to this address: bc1qv9hcyu8kkcrh58u8ev8crn2q0mvxfnrz75ve7z

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ETH "Network ERC20"

Send only ETH to this address: 0x59253b8f88861E77Ca5F98F86220Ea1B7Eb27D6A

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USDT "Network ERC20/BEP20"

Send only USDT to this address: 0x59253b8f88861E77Ca5F98F86220Ea1B7Eb27D6A

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Send a screenshot of your transaction to @TOKENSMASTERofficial on telegram with a simple message like: "Hi, I just paid for lifetime. Can you please add me to the VIP group"

Frequently Asked Question

Contact @Tokensmasterupnext if you have more questions

Is it hard to understand?

It can be challenging at first. Once you get used to how it works, everything becomes quite simple.

Can I lose my money investing in crypto?

Yes, that's why we aim to make it safer by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Do you offer discounts?

Sometimes yes and we are also working on a referral program.

What is your refund policy?

We don't offer refunds for now but always contact @tokensmasterupnext on telegram if you have any issues.

Do I need a lot of money to get started?

No, we even advise you to start with anywhere from 100 to 500$ at first and then only reinvest your gains.